Welcome to the New Normal!

...and honestly guys; the future is sooo sweet!

Hi everyone!

This was published because we are hoping you are interested in spending time curating your creative side, no matter what else you've got going on. Welcome to our newsletter, called ‘Live From the Green Room’!

The Green Room is a very special space that I will talk about when we resume our regular programming next Saturday. It is both a physical and philosophical space and I truly cannot wait to share it with you.

LFTGR (too early? Lemme know) is written by me Ruby Igwe, Co-Founder & Executive Director! And in case you forgot, LFA is a nonprofit excited about supporting creatives in Africa! Please oh, we are so so sorry.

We moved from our old newsletter provider to here on Substack!

Honestly, it’s been like moving house. We’ve had to adjust to a whole new normal, and then it also spawned a new thought fart; in light of everything we want LFA to be. You know that the pandemic changed all LFA’s in person training plans.

But you know, it did much more than that. I can tell you that right now we’re in the middle of one of the most exciting times at LFA. We’re at factory settings, retooling and rethinking a lot of our in-person plans.

I want you to join us on journey with us, like never before. All your thoughts are welcome. We are moving quickly, iterating fast, reaching out and grabbing all our community members from near and far and over the years.

Final action points:

  1. Send any thoughts to us at hello@lfa.ng, or leave a comment!

  2. Help us fill this amazing survey to implement better learning with tech!

  3. Tell your friends about this lovely newsletter!

  4. Stay safe and sane!

Type to you next Saturday!

Best wishes,

Ruby Igwe

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