Live From The Green Room

Vol. 1; Issue 3: Introducing LFA

Hi Guys!

LFA here! Hi! Again, happy new month! Thank you so much to everyone who checked in with us on Instagram and Twitter and! Keep it going! What’s happened this week? What have you learnt? What are you up to? We really want to know!

Alright, let’s just going to get right through it and explain what LFA is all about.

The Lagos Film Academy is an intangible infrastructural development initiative for young creatives in Nigeria. We are a non profit dedicated to supporting creatives to do their best work with an excellence mindset and an entrepreneurial skill set.

LFA was designed to be an institutionalized answer to random training sessions we held whenever our creative industry practitioners friends could find the time to train relatively new and/or inexperienced entrants into the industry.

We have held formal and training and mentoring sessions for hundreds of people the past five years, even before incorporating LFA. Remember Chris Ihidero’s StoryStory? Yep! Alright! Here are the issues.

There is a major skills gap in the Nigerian Creative Industries. New entrants have little to no training or support; and current stakeholders are not learning new things as fast as they should. We are running out of time. There is so much we need to learn to become and continue to be internationally viable.

There is also no proper community for filmmakers, and the creative offshoots that come from that (think sound scoring, make up, editing, etc). There isn’t a support system. People feel on their own, unless they are in little cliques. You know what we’re talking about!

We also don’t need yet another film school, in our opinion. That is why we decided to invest in the entity called the Lagos Film Academy.

We picked Lagos as it is the most commercially viable state in Nigeria, and where our physical base of operations are (hello Green Room!). Lagos so far is where the most interesting work in the Nigerian creative industries is based.

As well as the people (you!). So we’re here! It doesn’t mean we are not able to travel, both physically and virtually. But like the British Film Institute and the Vancouver Film School, we are the Lagos Film Academy.

Okay, next! We said Film, as there are at least 55 different roles that can be performed on a fully fleshed out set. It represents one of the largest gatherings of collaborative effort. Therefore film is a linchpin, a thing very vital to the creative industries.

Finally, we said Academy, as LFA is not a school. Not a university either. There are no degrees, or accredited certificates, or transcripts. There is expert experiential knowledge, there is you, and there is us.


Alright! As we said before, we want you to join us on journey with us, like never before. All your thoughts are welcome. We are moving quickly, iterating fast, reaching out and grabbing all our community members from near and far and over the years.

Final action points:

  1. What do you think? Send any thoughts to us at, @lfa_ng on IG or Twitter, or leave a comment here below!

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  4. Stay safe and sane!